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New service "Catalog dispatch to end customers"
New service "Catalog dispatch to end customers"

New service for travel sales in the lockdown "Catalog shipping to end customers".

Troisdorf, March 23, 2021 | As support in the lockdown, INFOX is implementing catalog mailing to end customers together with Studiosus and Marco Polo. This is a new way for travel distribution to stay in touch with customers despite the current situation. Via the INFOXpromo portal, which was launched just under a year ago, travel agencies can select their desired catalog and send it directly but warehouse to customers. In just a few clicks, the agencies can personalize a prepared cover letter and upload the recipient addresses - done! INFOX takes care of packaging and shipping, and the catalog arrives at the customer's door a few days after the order is placed. Another plus point: Studiosus and Marco Polo contribute 1.50 euros per shipment to the costs.

For a short time, offices will already have access to the new service with the free FREE subscription via the INFOXpromo portal. After the promotional period, at least the BASIC subscription will be required. All information on the portal can be found here. It is also a prerequisite that the offices have an active customer relationship with Studiosus or Marco Polo.
The activation of further operators for end customer shipping, including TUI, TUI Cruises, NCL and Schauinsland, is already being planned.

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