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New marketing portal INFOXpromo
New marketing portal INFOXpromo

Communication on all channels - With INFOXpromo, INFOX is expanding its range of services to include a new marketing portal

Troisdorf, June 01, 2020 | INFOXpromo is the name of the new marketing portal from INFOX that enables customer communication on a variety of channels. In it, travel sales representatives will find a large selection of digital advertising materials as well as plenty of customizable templates in print and online formats. This allows customers to be addressed in a targeted and personalized manner.

The specialist for tourism information distribution and customer communication from Troisdorf in North Rhine-Westphalia has brought forward the launch of INFOXpromo, which was planned for the second half of the year, due to the worldwide Corona pandemic. "In doing so, we want to provide travel sales with tools that will support them in maintaining customer contact during the crisis," says INFOX authorized signatory Alexander Lössl. "Then, as soon as travel business picks up again, customers can be addressed quickly and efficiently through the new, digital advertising tools."

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From online to print services

If you want to keep up with the times, social media is indispensable. The new portal makes it easier to build up one's own community, for example, by offering a large selection of templates for posts that can be personalized. Furthermore, INFOXpromo users can create their own advertising materials in the Media Factory without any knowledge of graphics and manage them in the Media Center. Here there is also the option of storing images and logos for additional brochures. In addition, travel agencies can use the Mailing Factory to send personalized mailings, while in the Print Shop they can have already completed products reproduced via INFOX. Furthermore, the system has new service functions via which catalogs or social media posts can be ordered or downloaded with just a few clicks.

But that's not all, because the range of services offered by INFOXpromo is being continuously expanded. "Planned, for example, are the provision of moving image content, such as video clips of destinations, or also the generation of e-mail newsletters via the portal," Alexander Lössl knows. In addition, INFOX wants to increase the range of advertising materials that are combined with an advertising allowance. This would make many advertising media available to the user free of charge or with a small personal contribution.

With the new product, INFOX is simultaneously replacing its outdated ordering platform for catalogs, brochures and other advertising materials. For years, these services could be offered free of charge because they had been financed from the proceeds of daily and weekly package shipments. "But the situation has changed massively. Many tour operators hardly send any promotional materials anymore, because travel documents are becoming more and more digital. As a result, the volume of parcels shipped has been drastically reduced, which goes hand in hand with higher costs," explains INFOX Managing Director Michael Hoffmann. Added to that are higher wages as well as increased costs for infrastructure. In addition, the Data Protection Ordinance and a new packaging law for more environmental protection have led to a further increase in prices. All of these changes, as well as the comprehensive modernization of the system, including the many new functions, will have to be financed in the future by a small, monthly fee. "We have decided to offer our customers a subscription model that allows them to customize the offering to their individual needs," Hoffmann continues.

Thus, interested parties will receive INFOXpromo in the basic package starting at a fee of 9.90 euros per month. Those who first want to convince themselves of the functions of the new portal can first test it free of charge for two weeks. Because as of now the offer can be used via in the new marketing portal INFOXpromo.



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