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INFOX Ordering Service for catalogues and advertising material

List your catalogues and advertising materials in the INFOX Ordering Service so that travel agencies from the DACH region can order them conveniently to the counter via the ordering portal 'INFOXpromo'.

INFOX offers you a modern ordering interface and takes care of consolidation, packaging and shipping for you. Also discover numerous forms of advertising to increase the awareness of your order items.

Your advantages

Make catalogues conveniently orderable for travel agencies

INFOX takes care of storage, consolidation and shipping for you

Increased order volumes through INFOX channels and advertising formats

Monthly reports on the orders placed by travel agencies

Basic service

With the INFOX Ordering Service, travel agencies order their catalogues and brochures conveniently to the counter. For this purpose, your articles are stored at INFOX, listed in the Ordering Service Portal and sent directly to the counter when ordered.

In the INFOX Ordering Service you make your advertising material available for retrieval by the travel agencies. The system usage is booked for one year.

Included basic services are:
  • EDP set-up, system and master data maintenance
  • Listing of the article in the ordering service portal with 1500 characters, cover display and headlinee
  • Address report, which travel agencies have ordered which and how many articles (transmission monthly via .xls file)
  • Double listing of an article if it fits into several categories
  • Order service portal with modern order interface and extended search and filter options
  • Convenient "One Click" ordering for a fast, efficient ordering process
  • Recommendations of further articles for increased article demand
  • Presentation of the article in the weekly ordering service newsletter and event-related B2B communication to the counter
  • Creation of four social media post templates per article (display of the templates in the ordering service portal next to the article)

The costs for system use consist of a basic annual fee and a monthly fee per listed item.

Please make an enquiry to receive an individual offer.

The logistics costs are calculated per advertising medium, pallet and month. Invoicing takes place monthly and according to expenditure according to stock.

Included services are:
  • Storage per advertising material / pallet / month commenced
  • Acceptance of goods (acceptance only for delivery on Euro pallets / packages with corresponding delivery note, sorted by type and marked from the outside).
  • Goods Receipt Entry/System Posting
  • Inspection of incoming goods
  • Setting catalogue cover image and product description
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Inventory
  • Disposal (optional)

Please make an enquiry to receive an individual offer.

The shipping costs - consisting of the packaging item and the shipping prices - are calculated after the travel agencies have been supplied. Invoices are issued monthly, retrospectively and according to expenditure.

Included services are:
  • Manual stock extraction
  • Sorting
  • Consolidation of the order shipment
  • Packing in the shipping packaging provided by INFOX
  • Shipping preparation

Please make an enquiry to receive an individual offer.

Additional services

Discover more additional services to increase order quantities of your products. And promote the sales at the point of sale.

New: Social Media samples

Included: Personalisable social media templates automatically appear in the 'INFOXpromo' portal for every order service article. The use of the social media templates is free of charge for travel agencies!

New: Download catalogues

Your catalogue is also or only available digitally? Store your download documents for travel agencies in the 'INFOXpromo' portal.

New: Shipping to end costumers

Give travel agencies the opportunity to send catalogues directly to end customers with a personalised cover letter.

Ordering Service Newsletter

Included: Your article appears with cover, description text and order link in the newsletter 'Ordering Service News', which appears every Friday and informs about new publications and highlights.

Banners and advertisements

Place your ads in the weekly INFOX Ordering Service Newsletter or in the order portal 'INFOXpromo'.

E-mail and fax

With e-mail or fax dispatch via INFOX, you inform 23,000 travel experts quickly and effectively about your new order items.


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