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The web-based marketing portal

CXpromo is the integrated, web-based marketing portal. It gives our software a face and serves as a user interface. With CXpromo, we enable every user to quickly and easily generate highly individualized advertising materials and send them directly to recipients using the integrated Web2Print solution. 

Modules for different users

CXpromo module

Since the portal has to fulfill very different requirements and functions depending on the user group, there are different modules that can be provided within the portal.

These modules are:  

Configuration of Ad Media Templates 

In the Media Factory, ad media templates are provided for configuration.
INFOX provides the creation of advertising material templates. They are created and can then be configured as often as desired. 

The basis for each advertising material template is a finished layout that is provided by the client in the form of a PDF. This predefined layout is reproduced 1:1 with the Dynamic Layout & Composition Engine. In this way, every user can individualize the advertising material in the portal as desired.

Media Assets Management 

The Media Center manages all media assets such as images, logos or other documents used to configure any advertising material. The data in the Media Center can be uploaded, downloaded or removed by users such as sales or marketing staff. Data uploaded within an ad media configuration in the Media Factory is also automatically stored in the Media Center. It is therefore not necessary to upload media assets to the Media Center prior to an ad configuration.

Online Print-shop with standard formats:

The Print Shop is a complementary module in the CXpromo marketing portal and can be considered as a classic online print store. The Print Shop provides common standard formats of print products. By uploading printable data, these can be ordered online and produced in the INFOX digital print shop.

In the process, the user is free to decide whether the print files are created in advance in the Media Factory, by an external provider such as an advertising agency, or by their own employees.

Message center of the Marketing portal:

The InfoBox is the message center within the marketing portal.

The following messages can be displayed in the InfoBox:

System messages always appear in the InfoBox as soon as an advertising medium configured in the Media Factory is available in the Media Center. If the XChange Center module is used, the user also receives a system message as soon as a new document, such as a commission statement, is available for download.

The InfoBox can also be used to send messages from the portal operator to all portal users. Possible messages can be product information, news, invitations or similar.

Advertising media with delivery to recipients

As in the Media Factory, the Mailing Factory provides advertising materials for configuration. The difference to the Media Factory, however, is that in the Mailing Factory the configured advertising material is routed to a specific recipient group. Whether online or in print format - with the Mailing Factory, configured advertising materials can be sent directly from the portal to end customers, sales partners or even the company's own address.

As in the Media Factory, variables can be defined in the Mailing Factory that must or can be entered, uploaded or selected during configuration for individualization. In addition, recipient data must always be specified for the outbound mail during a configuration within the Mailing Factory.

Advertising material with delivery to recipient (input by sales department)

The B2B2C Mailing Factory is an extension of the classic Mailing Factory. Here, too, configured advertising materials are sent out to a specific group of recipients. In contrast to the classic Mailing Factory, the recipient data in the B2B2C Mailing Factory is entered by your sales partners.

The advantages of B2B2C mailings: Your sales partners remain the owners of your end customer data at all times, you reach a larger group of recipients, and your layout specifications ensure a uniform brand presence.

Data protection-compliant exchange of digital documents

The XChange Center module enables data protection-compliant exchange of digital documents such as commission or salary statements between you and your sales partners.

In addition, your sales partners can also use the XChange Center for the privacy-compliant exchange of digital documents with your end customers.


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