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Rule-based 1:1 Communication

CXpublish includes the Dynamic Layout & Composition Engine, the core of our software for individualized marketing communication. This software component ensures the rule-based generation of complex documents. 

Dynamic Layout Engine

Developed with diverse customer requirements in mind, the Dynamic Layout & Composition Engine meets the most complex demands. Among others:

  • Processing of diverse data sources and data formats 
  • Dynamic generation of documents in various formats 
  • Consideration of multilingualism 
  • Dynamic implementation of design elements to comply with corporate design specifications 
  • Integration of the engine into outsourced websites 
  • Just-in-time production and short computing process times - especially online 

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that dynamic layouts are not generated on the basis of predefined templates, but that page scopes are adapted variably with the help of a fill page logic. A foundation of high-performance and scalable systems ensures high-volume output in print run one that is not dependent on expensive software licenses.

Flexible interface management 

In addition to the Dynamic Layout & Composition Engine, the CXpublish module also includes a Content Management System through which all data is controlled.


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