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Cooperation Marketing

Together to the goal

Collaborations between different companies, such as manufacturers and trading partners, are the perfect instrument to achieve more together. In a collaboration, the partners jointly advertise a specific offer. The advantages are the development of new target groups, increased awareness and more leads. With less effort and work for the cooperation partners

Cooperation works! Qualitatively, through shared customer data. Financially, through cost sharing. Long-term, through strengthened business relationships.

- Alexander Lössl, Sales Manager at INFOX.

Successful implementation with INFOX Solutions

With INFOX Solutions we have developed special solutions that greatly simplify cooperation marketing for companies. With our marketing portal CXpromo, joint campaigns can be implemented safely and easily for all parties involved.

CXpromo acts as a neutral interface that ensures that all participants retain their data sovereignty. With functions such as intelligent rights management and differentiated budget management, cooperation campaigns are set up and controlled individually.


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