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One-to-One Communication

Individualization instead of mass communication

One-to-one marketing is the exact opposite of classic mass marketing. Here, the individual customer relationship is the focus of our actions. Through the use of modern technologies, an individualised customer approach is possible with little effort. Customer databases, purchase histories etc. provide information about preferences for products and services.

Instead of sending one and the same message to a large number of recipients - and thus risking large scattering losses - one-to-one marketing makes communication targeted, customer-specific and relevant.

One-to-one communication is the perfect marketing tool to make the most of customer data and ensure a long-term, profitable and loyal customer relationship.

- Sascha Iwanowsky, Senior Business Development Manager at INFOX.

One-to-One Communication with INFOX Solutions

INFOX Solutions combine know-how in Software Development, Digital Printing and Logistics. With our unique CXperience software, we generate highly individualised documents in real time - whether it's hundreds of thousands of copies or a single advertising medium. Data-based, automated processes as well as the dynamic layout process make manual graphic work unnecessary.

We offer you full service for your communication measures and will be happy to advise you on how to individually design and distribute your advertising messages.

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