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Sustainable Communication

Take responsibility

The increasing awareness of environmental issues is changing the expectations of end consumers. It is forcing suppliers to assume responsibility and thus to demonstrably sustainable management. At the same time, this development offers suppliers the opportunity to differentiate themselves and sharpen their brand image in order to gain a competitive advantage.

By 'sustainable communication' we mean two things: making a lasting impression and at the same time taking responsibility for our environment.

- Suzan Acar, Marketing Manager at INFOX.

Print-on-Demand with INFOX Solutions

Our expertise in software development, digital printing and logistics and our unique CXperience software enable us to produce highly individualized documents on demand. This not only makes communication with INFOX Solutions more relevant, but also protects the environment: advertising materials are produced in a targeted manner, which means that there is no need to dispose of leftover materials.

Especially in the production of catalogues, the automated process saves a lot of CO2. In addition to on-demand production, this offers the possibility of considerably reducing the number of pages in catalogues by selecting customer-relevant offers and content.

Less CO² with Print-on-Demand
  • Unnecessary production of advertising material is avoided through print-on-demand production
  • With the help of CO² certificates and compensation measures, advertising materials are produced climate-neutrally
  • Relevant and reduced offers save on the page count of advertising media
  • Large print runs are replaced by the production of small runs during the year
  • Disposal of superfluous and outdated advertising material becomes obsolete
  • CO² emissions are reduced through an optimized supply chain for the distribution of advertising materials

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